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Full uniform must be worn to class and for exams. It is important that the teacher is able to see the dancer's movements clearly and the uniform's are designed specifically for that purpose. It also ensures that the dancer is focused in class and therefore will get the most out of each lesson. Hair must be off the face so that it does not distract the student.



Supplied by Gandolfi Dance (www.gandolfi.co.uk)

Email: gandolfisports@btinternet.com


Items for sale in class:

Kingfisher leotards £9, Ballet skirts £7, Ballet tights £4, Ballet socks £3.


Ballet shoes can be bought at Suzanne's Dance supplies in Ickenham or Dancers Boutique in Amersham.


Pre Primary- Primary

Kingfisher  sleeveless Leotard and ballet skirt. Ballet tights or socks and ballet shoes with elastic. Pink crossover cardigan (optional)


Grade 1- Grade 3

As for Pre primary, but no ballet skirt.


Grade 4 +

As for Grade 1. Optional change to black leotard



See above for clothing. Tap shoes should be purchased from Dancers Boutique in Amersham.


Primary – Grade 3

Kingfisher sleeveless leotard and black leggings underneath and black belt. Black ankle socks and black tap shoes (with heel taps fitted). Black crossover cardigan (optional)


Grade 4 +

Black sleevelss leotard over black leggings (with belt) or  under black jazz trousers. Teletone taps on shoes.



See above for clothing.

Primary- Grade 2

Kingfisher (or other colour) sleeveless leotard. Leggings may be worn in class when cold. Bare feet


Grade 3

As for Primary. Black leggings must be worn under leotard with black belt.


Grade 4 +

Black sleeveless leotard over black leggings (with belt). Foot thongs for turning (optional)


St George's Church Hall

Pinner View

North Harrow



North Harrow Methodist Church Hall

Pinner Road

North Harrow


Term Dates:

SPRING TERM (12 Weeks)

Start date:  Saturday 20th April

No classes on Saturday 1st June for half term.

Last class of term: Saturday 13th July

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